Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Winter (Soldier) is Coming. Bucky up!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Not a review.
Marvel is back, YEAH!
And every time they are back, it's awesome.
This is MUCH better than the first Cap.

Captain America! Fuck Yeah!
Chris Evans is better this time round,
Not so goody goody too.
And is it me or does he fight a lt better as well?
Especially that Batroc fight.

Oooh, the Winter Soldier is just like in the comics,
Quite badass also.
And DAMN, that metal arm.

Ok, the wingsuit looked a bit silly on the ground,
But it was awesome when flying!

Nick Fury quite badass also wor.
At least he got more things to do this time,
And wasn't jsut standing around,
And pretending to be Lawrence Fishburne.

Ooooh, Black Widow.
Hubba hubba.
No cleavage rating.
But a pretty high leather catsuit rating.
(BTW is it me or did she sound TOO sultry in the beginning?)
(As if it's even possible for Scarlett to be TOO sultry).

More Marvel Universe references!
The only thing missing was Coulsno's SHIELD team turning up,
Though I suppose they're on clean-up duty again LOL.

And YES, stay back for the mid-credits scene,
It's worth it
(Final end credits scene also got)
(but not as worth it LOL)

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

How Ghostbusters Shaped My Childhood (RIP, Egon Spengler)

Ghostbusters was one of the most influential movies of my life. In fact, there was a point in my childhood when I was completely OBSESSED with the movie.

I had the Ghostbusters novel tie-in (which I read so often that it eventually fell apart), the Ghostbusters soundtrack on cassette, and I could memorize every single line of Ray Parker Jr's theme song.

When the Ghostbusters cartoon came out later, I was so happy, but then was so upset at first that it wasn't the REAL Ghostbusters:

...but it grew on me, so when the The Real Ghostbusters cartoon came out later, I happily combined the two shows' characters in my playtime.

I was so obsessed with the movie that I actually wanted to become a Ghostbuster. But since I couldn't find any ghosts, I went for the next best thing - I became an Antbuster instead!

I had my own little "photon pack" (a little box filled with cotton buds, a water spray with the nozzle set to "Kill" (otherwise known as "shoot a single stream of water instead of spray"), and even little matchboxes to "trap" the ants (never worked though they kept getting out for some reason).

I even had my own logo, which looked something like this except it was hand drawn:

Yes, my drawing isn't very good (even now). That's why I'm a writer, not an artist.

My brother, who was about 5-6 at the time wanted to play as well, so I made him another pack, but since I was already the number one Antbuster in the house, I made him a Webbuster instead, and set him on all the cobwebs in the house. It was decidedly less awesome than busting ants (webs don't run away screaming) but it got him out of my hair while I was out busting ants.

And yeah, busting ants made me feel good!

Unfortunately, my parents got sick of me spraying water all over the house and I had to disband the Antbusters.

But never fear! There's always Lego!

I had LEGO version of the Ecto-1, little makeshift LEGO versions of the four Ghostbusters, and even built my very own Ghostbusters HQ with scattered Lego bricks, with Lacy parts as "secret" entrances for the Ecto-1. It was glorious.

Back then, the Ghosbusters toys were pretty awesome - the Haunted Humans line was my favorite, and they had stuff like a granny turning into a ghost, etc:

My parents never bought me any of them (they got me Lego and Transformers though, so I was more than happy), but I was still pretty obsessed with them. So I made my own Lego version of the toys instead, and used them to fight the Lego Ghostbusters I made. I even had the Lego Ghostbusters team up with my Lego Autobots to fight the ghosts and Lego DEcepticons, and boy did they have some gloriously wild fights (which usually lasted until my dad stepped on one of the bricks and confiscated my Lego).

So yeah, the Ghostbusters were a HUGE part of my childhood, so when I found out that Harold Ramis, a.k.a. Egon Spengler, my favorite Ghostbuster had died, a little part of me died inside.

Rest in peace, Mr. Ramis. And may your streams never get crossed wherever you are, Egon.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hardly monumental, man

The Monuments Men.
Not a review.
Not monumental.
Not even a little bit mental.

Hardly experimental,
Slightly sentimental,
Barely temperamental
The whole thing was kinda fragmental.

Damon was not instrumental.
Blanchett's kinda ornamental,
The rest were strictly supplemental.
Some were rather fundamental.
Sorry Clooney, this was quite detrimental.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Everything is Awesome! LEGO IS AWESOME!!!

The LEGO Movie.
Not a review.
Leggo of my LEGO!

Nananananananana BATMAN!
Oh wait, this ain't a Batman movie?
Then why is Batman so awesome in this movie?
Ok he's a bit of a mean jerk and a showoff,
But it's BATMAN!

See Batman.
See Batman being awesome.
See Batman and his grappling hook thingamajig.
See Batman and 1980's Space Guy being awesome
(and slightly less awesome).

It's been 12 hours since I watched the movie.
And I've STILL got that bloody song stuck in my head.
Altogether now!

(I already have a lot of LEGO, mind you)
(But they're all MY LEGO)
(The kid'll have to get his own)

As soon as I went out of the cinema,
I went to Toys R Us and wanted to BUY ALL THE LEGO.
Damn extra-long toy commercial movies.
This one does it WAAAY better than Transformers.

Actually more specifically I wanted all the mini figures.
Especially 1980's Space Guy.
I used to have a 1980's Space Guy.

Morgan Freeman!
Like the "blooper reel" trailer said,
That guy could read a phone book and make it sound good.
I need to watch this again just to catch all the Easter eggs.
Apparently The Simpsons were in it too!

C'mon, It's LEGO.
And it's EASILY the most fun movie I've watched this year.
Yes, I'm aware it's only February.
But I doubt there'l be another movie like this this year.
At least, as insanely funny and chaotic as this.

It's chaotic but it's logical.
It's got oodles of creativity,
It's all over the place but somehow makes sense.
It's LEGO.
And that's all you need to know.
Plus it's got Batman.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Evil Corporate Batman Must Die! Get em, Robocop!

Not a review.
No, not Robocop 4.
This is a new Robocop,
And he has a lot of heart.

First, Robocop.
Somehow I always remembered the old one as being kinda.... clunky.
Like Iron Man's Mach I suit.
This one is damn sleek and lean and mean.
And he comes in BLACK.
(plus he's Made in China)
(Shhh don't tell the Americans)

Look, It's Evil Corporate Batman!
I hate Evil Corporate Batman.
Someone smack him please.
And throw his Evil Marketing Minions off the building.
Evil Corporate Batman and Evil Psycho Military Roscharch.
Been awhile since I've seen such despicable baddies.

Got Batman must have Jim Gordon also lor.
But this is New Jim Gordon versus Old Batman.
And it's Bio-Genetics Expert Jim Gordon.
Also got Psycho Military Nut Rorschach.

Not bad wor.
Got story, got drama,
Action also quite good.
It's not as iconic as the first Robocop,
(I don't acknowledge Robocop 2 & 3)
But it's as pretty good update.

I bet Robocop would beat Iron Man in a fair fight.
Meaning no fancy schmancy flying or repulsor beams.
But in a good old punch-up
Then again, Tony Stark would probably just BUY Robocop.
Especially since Evil Corporate Batman loves money so much.

PS: Anyone else expected Sam L. Jackson to start singing
After his RA-RA AMARICARRRR speeches?

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Jack Ryan doesn't seem to do jack

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
Not a review.
More like Jack Bauer: The Movie.
Because it reminded me of a feature-length episode of 24.

Chris Pine is fine.
It's Jack Ryan that isn't.
Somehow the character seems so.... boring.
Yes yes, it's supposed to be a young version of him,
But what's so special about him?

Jason Bourne is a skilled assassin.
James Bond is well, James Bond.
Based on this movie, what is Jack Ryan?
Over-glorified financial analyst?

Ooooh, Keira Knightley.
Am I the only one who thinks she is wasted here?
Why is she stuck in the hapless girlfriend role here?
At least she wasn't annoying.
Compared to POTC, that is.
Cleavage rating: er... not much.

Action is decent, the plot is ho-hum,
Somehow the movie was just too... ordinary.
It's too formulaic,
And tried too hard to make us think Jack Ryan is awesome,
When he is just ... meh-some.
Go rewatch 24 better lar. Or the Bourne trilogy.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Magic Kilkenny Glass at the Merry Kilkenny Comedy!

We've been having a lot fun thanks to Kilkenny lately, and last Thursday, we had another fun night out thanks to the Kilkenny Comedy Night at 42East, TTDI.

Kilkenny and comedy? Why not, right? Besides, even if the jokes were not funny, we could always drink Kilkenny until they became funny! (or funny looking, whichever comes first).

42 East was PACKED that night. Seems a lot of people like comedy. Me, I like Kilkenny more. heh heh.

First thing I saw when I go there (after getting my beer from the bar, of course), was this Christmas tree, where guests could hang Kilkenny-shaped wishes on!

So pweeeetyyy:

The GAB Professional Solutions guys were there again, to tell us about the uniqueness of Kilkenny compared to other beers. Obviously, being an Irish Cream Ale (as opposed to the usual lager beers) with over 300 years history, there is still a lot to learn about Kilkenny.

We got to try Kilkenny with a variety of little titbits, including a bitter coffee jelly that helped to enhance the sweet, nutty flavours of the Kilkenny, and a meringue-like tart that helped to complement the maltiness of the beer.

So anyway, I managed to catch two of the acts that night - Jason Leong and Phoon Chi Ho, and they did a pretty decent job of keeping everyone laughing.

Our table especially, were actually having a lot of fun on our own already, thanks not just to the glasses of Kilkenny we were having, but also THIS MAGIC KILKENNY GLASS:


Here's KY trying to drink out of that magic Kilkenny glass:

You're doing it wrong, KY. Lemme show you how it's done:

Oh. Darn.

Eh wait, that's not beer, that's actually coffee jelly! Yum yum nom nom.

Here's some REAL Kilkenny:

Now that's more like it.

Fireangel seemed to enjoy it quite a bit:

So did Suan and Terence:

Though Terence later got distracted by the siew yoke:

Oooh, we also had a lot of fun taking pictures with the polaroids outside!

Check out KY's photobomb in the upper left picture LOL.

Anyway, it was a fun night out with great friends and lots of Kilkenny again!

Look ma, it's me having a ball inside a Kilkenny ball! LOL