Saturday, 26 June 2004

Me and my Mags

Usually, I would rather buy books than magazines. But somehow, every month I inexplicably spend at least a hundred ringgit on magazines. In fact, a quick sort-out of my magazine corner today revealed a whole load of magazines that I can't remember what I bought them for.

Of course, the reasons for buying stuff like FHM, NewMan and Maxim are fairly obvious (and it's definitly NOT for the articles, though NewMan's are strangely interesting), but what that odd magazine is doing lurking among my FHM's is beyond my recollection. Maybe it's those cheat codes for Warcraft III in it. Or maybe it's that sexy picture of a CD-rom drive posed seductively on the cover. RIGHT.

Anyway, the only magazines I consider MUST-BUYS are the imported-from-UK Empire and Q magazines. I like watching movies, and Empire is probably my favorite movie magazine. In fact, I set a lot of stock by Empire reviews. If they say it's good, chances are I'll like it too. So far, they have not failed me yet (except that three star rating for I-Spy... what were they THINKING???

Now, why I buy Q magazine is rather strange, considering I'm hardly crazy about music in the first place (my musical tastes range from the songs of South Park, to anything that features an electric guitar riff). I started buying Q when they released that 3-part Special Edition commemorating 50 years of Rock N' Roll earlier this year. The articles were surprisingly interesting reads. However, I was drawn towards the style of writing more than the subject of the articles. The writing is has typical British humor, very interesting facts, and the layout of the pages were easy enough. Oh, and the captions of the pictures are darn funny sometimes.

Besides these two, the only other mags I buy regularly are FHM (yes, I'm shallow, so sue me), NewMan and that Singaporean movie magazine, FIRST (mainly because they always have cool movie posters and postcards).

Anyway, the main reasons I would be tempted to buy a magazine are as follows, in order of importance:

1) Picture of pretty girl on cover
2) Free poster of pretty girl inside
3) Free movie poster (preferably including a pretty girl)
4) Anything with LOTR on the cover (Preferably a picture of pretty girl Eowyn)
5) Special commemorative issues or special collector's editions
6) Good writing
7) Interesting articles (pretty girl, optional)
8) Cheap (The magazine, not the pretty girl)

So as you can see, I'm a real sucker for free stuff and pictures of pretty girls. But at least I don't read Cleo. That big pile of em' over there is my girlfriend's. Honest!

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