Sunday, 20 June 2004

An Ode to Gandalf the Colorful

I (badly) wrote this little Ode to everyone's favorite wizard back when I had nothing better to do (wait a minute, I STILL have nothing better to do), and posted it on the forums at the Malaysian LOTR fan site: LOTRien. Needless to say, I really need to work on my rhyming.


Gandalf The Grey, was happy and gay,
But no one would come out to play.
He took out his staff, (Though it was so rough),
And said, "It must not be long enough."

Gandalf the Grey, he ate some hay,
Because for food, he had no money to pay.
He drank some mead straight from a cup,
And later, could not get it up.

Gandalf the White, his robes so bright,
That they lit up the sky at night.
He took them off to cure Theoden King,
But realised he did not wear his underthings

Gandalf the White, rode through the night,
From dawn to dusk, till there was no light.
Shadowfax, he stumbled; Gandalf, he screeched,
And they both ended up in a ditch.

Gandalf the White, he needed a disguise,
Because to run around Mordor in white would not be wise.
He looked through his closet (and strangely, found a turtle)
And decided to change into Gandalf the Purple.

Gandalf the Purple he ate an apple,
And then he brushed his teeth and gargled.
He came to Gondor in search of answers,
But all he found was a troop of belly dancers.

The bellydancers, they welcomed him gladly,
And through the White City, Gandalf cavorted madly.
One and all the citizens cheered with renewed hope,
(Though behind his back, they snickered at his purple robe)

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