Monday, 28 June 2004

A Time to Read

I read a lot of books. I also BUY a lot of books. However, these two statements combined does not necessarily mean I actually READ all the books that I buy. In fact, I buy a whole lot more books each month than I can read, hence the 200 odd books that I have sitting on my bookshelves, with me not having a CLUE what they are about, or sometimes even why I bought them in the first place.

Nevertheless, even though my BUY:READ ratio is somewhat lopsided, I still try to read an average of two books every month (this total does not include children's books, magazines or any book by Enid Blyton or Dr Seuss, BTW.)

My point is, people keep asking me when I find the time to read all these books. Well, I don't actually FIND the time, I just happen to read the books wherever and whenever I can.

Most of the time, I just bring the book around with me wherever I go, and anytime I am idle, waiting for the LRT, or in a queue, I'll just take it out to read. You'll be surprised how many books I've managed to finish while sitting in the LRT or while stuck in a traffic jam (while miraculously avoiding taking the bumper off the car in front of me).

Anyway, listed here are the occasions where I manage to get the most reading done - in order of frequency and number of books finished while in that particular situation:

1) Waiting in the bank/restaurant/post office/LRT station/mechanic etc...
2) While on the LRT (much more productive than just staring into space like most commuters do)
3) Sitting on the toilet (For decency's sake, I shall not elaborate further)
4) When stuck in snail-paced traffic jams (kids, don't try this at home)
5) While 'lepaking' in coffee joints or eating dinner(instead of just sitting down and eating, I READ while eating, especially when I'm alone. Makes for quite a number of coffee and curry stains on my books though)
6) Dedicated book-reading marathons into the wee hours of the night (usually conducted when I absolutely HAVE to finish a book or I wouldn't be able to sleep)


graceshu said...

hi eyeris.


Liz Tai said...

Jumping in too!

Can't stop reading ...

Anonymous said...

Piles! Piles! Stop reading in the toilet!!

DAPHNE from THE PLACES YOU WILL GO ;-) (not really anonymous at all)