Tuesday, 28 September 2004

Bizarre Bazaar of Pizzas (or how Peter Rabbit beat up Barney the dinosaur)

Note to self: Don't read another compilation of Dan Piraro's Bizarro comic strips before going to sleep, unless I want to end up dreaming about talking chihuahuas, Barney the Dinosaur with a John Travolta hairdo, and other assorted weird stuff.

Bizarro is currently one of my favorite comic strips, and I managed to pick up a compilation of his comics at Payless on Sunday for only RM6 (along with a little hardcover edition of The Tale of Peter Rabbit for only RM2).

Anyway, I spent last night reading it (Bizarro, not Peter Rabbit), and ended up not sleeping well because I kept having this weird dream where I was interviewing said chihuahua about Quentin Tarantino directing an episode of Barney the Dinosaur (If I'd read Peter Rabbit as well, Peter would probably have clobbered Barney in the dream).

Ever since Gary Larson stopped drawing The Far Side, and stopped people from publishing it on the Internet (read what Larson had to say about this here), the void in bizarre and weird cartoons have been filled (in Malaysia, that is) by Bizarro and John McPherson's Close To Home. Of these two, Bizarro is my favorite because of the weird sense of humor Piraro has, and the fact that his ideas are usually pretty original (Tarantino directing Barney, for god's sake!). It's also pretty fun to spot the weird symbols (such as firecrackers, aliens, fish tails) he randomly scatters about in his cartoons.

I'm in a cartoon reading kind of mood right now, mostly because I interviewed two famous Asian cartoonists recently (Pakistan's Nigai Nazar, creator of Gogi; and Fang Cheng, one of China's most famous veteran cartoonists), and it was interesting to see how different they are from what we imagine them to be. Plus I got to meet Malaysia's very own Lat!

Other comic strips that are my favorites right now are Meehan Streak (bunch of cavemen running around getting philosophical), Sherman's Lagoon (about a stupid shark and his friends), and of course, Peanuts (Good grief!). Two other interesting comics about office/IT that I also read are Dilbert (but of course), and User Friendly (which is hilarious, especially when the Dust Puppy is around).

I think I'll read Peter Rabbit tonight...


Erna said...

You kind of grin like Dust Puppy too. And if you don't get a haircut soon, you're going to end up looking like him. Hee hee hee.

graceshu said...

but peter rabbit was kinda cool too :D

Anonymous said...

I just came back from Payless at Ampang point myself and was wondering where else (besides Atria) I can find Payless Books. Did a search and came across your blog site. I'm actually enjoying reading what you wrote, and will probably read some more :)

* Book/magazine crazy mom *

eyeris said...

Go check out their website here: http://www.paylessbooks.com.my/index.asp

There are lots of Payless books outlets around. The ones I usually go to are Ampang Point (which is their biggest store), Atria and Amcorp.

Other stores are - Summit USJ, Subang Parade, Carrefour Subang, Ampang PARK, Jaya Supermarket, and IOI Mall.

Happy hunting! :)