Thursday, 23 September 2004

Book Borrowing Blues

Dina of The Gongkapas Times has this blog about borrowing and lending books: No, You Can't Borrow My Books. The title sounds like she's really selfish about her books, but to tell the truth, most book lovers tend to be like that.

Personally though, I have no qualms about lending books to people, provided they lend me some as well. Am guilty of borrowing a friend's (you know who you are. hehe.) copy of The Name of A Rose TWO YEARS AGO, and still haven't finished reading it. Well, at least I DID lend you a few hundred other books, plus I'm already halfway through TNOTR now anyway. Hehe. (Please don't kill me.)

Anyway, one reason I have no problem lending books to people is that most of my books were not very new to begin with. You see, I buy a lot of my books from Payless Books, where the books are mostly paperbacks, and mostly beat-up and dusty. I've even gone to the extent of buying entire fantasy series' from Payless, and scouring EVERY SINGLE Payless in KL to look for that elusive second or third book to complete the series, even though I can probably get it new from Kinokuniya. So I'm stingy. So sue me.

Another reason is that I want to spread the joy of reading certain books to others. I LOVE recommending books to people, especially those that I love, like my Pratchetts (which I lend out a lot, but the people I lend them to never seem to be as enthusiastic about him as I am).

I don't really mind dog-ears on pages, since I do that myself sometimes, but the only thing I hate is when people leave my books OPEN and FACE-DOWN, so that the spine is STREEEEECHED out, and the pages become loose. I bloody KILL people who do that.

Another thing I can't stand is when people spill water/dahl/ketchup/Campbells' mushroom soup all over my books/magazines. Not only does water make the pages go wrinkly and ugly, the food stains stink. EWWWWW.

AND, if its a first edition hard-cover, NO WAY am I gonna lend you the book. So there!


Lee said...

No, neither you nor Dina can borrow my books! ;) But I must have a jot of generosity because I'm always 'releasing books' via Bookcrossing. Actually, I gained Montgomery Hyde's Oscar Wilde biography when I made an unreliable friend deposit it as security when she wanted to borrow my Queen is Dead (The Smiths) album. This was back in 1990 and I haven't seen my album since. Ah, but who cares, the book was worth more and out of print at the time....and it's not dog eared! (Oh I do hate that. ;-))

Nice blog btw. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't mind lending books, I'm just terrified the books won't come back to me! I too borrow people's books and end up never reading them, and it's a vicious cycle coz then I can't return them (what would I say when they ask, "So how did you find it?"). I have books that I borrowed like 5 years ago still sitting on my shelf... oops...

And I hate it when people don't take care of my books -- folding pages, damanging the spine, etc. But the worst thing is when you wanna read a certain book and then realise you can't coz you've lent it out and it's not with you at the moment. Grrr.


Erna said...
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eyeris said...

What do you mean people aren't as enthusiastic about Pratchett as you are? ;p How many have I read, ah? And I've read Maurice and his Amazing Rats and you haven't, so there. LOL

from Erna

(sorry hor, had to censor a bit. :) )

Erna said...

I feel like an anarchist posting seditious thoughts...kena censorlah pulak. Should I expect to be detained under the eye-SA? ;)