Monday, 27 September 2004

What a goooood weekend.

This is my routine on weekend afternoons these days:

Scenario 1
Wake up at 12pm, take a bath, drive out to Ampang Point, lepak at SF Coffee for a while, read a few more pages of my overdue book.

Yesterday, it was the same, except when I looked up, it was raining cats and dogs.


Oh well, there's always Payless Books.

Scenario 2
Wake up at 12pm, take a bath, drive out to LRT station, take LRT to Taman Jaya, walk to Amcorp Mall, and lepak at Ultimate Toys for a few hours.

Raining outside?

No problemo.

There's always Payless.

1) I don't have much of a life.
2) I lepak a lot on weekends.

But then again, isn't that what weekends are for?

And after all, if there's nothing to do, there's always Payless...


Erna said...

In your eulogy, I shall menrion that you were never discouraged by clouds on your horizon.

That you instead uttered these words of wisdom:
"There's always Payless."


graceshu said...

i like payless bookstores too. don't get to go there often though... heh. i don't get to go out often at all actually :P

maybe this weekend... :)