Wednesday, 22 September 2004

What would you ask authors who dream of electric hobbits?

Got some feedback about the new site layout, and it was mixed. IreneQ said it is boring, bland, and lacks character (she liked the old layout, neon colours and all). The Visitor said it looks too normal. Meanwhile, some said it's a lot better, and doesn't hurt their eyes so much... oh well, can't please everyone, eh?

Anyway, Daphne of Places That You Will Go has this post 'The Beastmaster speaks' where the author actually responded to her review. Then she mentioned that she is also preparing questions for Jennifer Donnelly to answer.

That got me thinking. If I could ask any author just one single question, what would I ask? Here are some that I came up with:

1) Enid Blyton - Can the Wishing Chair fly to one of the lands on top of the Faraway Tree?

2) Terry Pratchett - What would happen to the Discworld if one of the four elephants carrying it had to take a toilet break?

3) J.R.R. Tolkien - What's the deal with Tom Bombadil eh?

4) J.K. Rowling - How the HECK do you keep the Snitch INSIDE the Quidditch grounds and prevent it from flying off to Timbuktu the instant it's release?

5) Philip K. Dick - Why Android SHEEP? Why not goats, chickens or mosquitoes?

6) John Grisham - If you knew you could sue a single person in the entire world and get away with it, who would that person be?

7) Agatha Christie - Why oh why, didn't you put a disclaimer at the beginning of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd to warn readers against flipping to the end to find out who the murderer was?

8) Enid Blyton (again) - If the Secret Seven were to team up with the Famous Five, would they be called the Tiresome Twelve?

9) Lyne Truss (author of Eats, Shoots and Leaves) - What? do you, think of... this! kind of, sentence - eh?!?!?

10) Robert Jordan (author of The Wheel of Time) - When's it gonna finish, eh?


Erna said...

I still say new layout much better looking. Neon green is SO ugly. Am in office with colleagues finishing up stories...already bullshitted Symantec PR person about what I want to ask (sebenarnya belum fikir mahu tanya apa).

The life of a writer indeed. ;p

Anonymous said...

I like the new layout. It's easy on the eye! Irene is obviously a secret stripper, that's why she's into neon colours ... ha-ha.

I think if the Secret Seven were to team up with the Famous Five, Timmy wld eat Scamper. And the SS wld then kill Julian for being a Bossy Boots (I'm imagining a Lord of the Flies kind of scenario). And Anne wld cry. Naturally.

From Daphne (The Places You Will Go)

Anonymous said...

Eyeris!!! Everybody knows that you never EVER flip to the end of an Agatha Christie book to find out who did it. Oh my God!!!! *dies of horror*

Anonymous said...

Yeesh that was me... forgot to sign off. I still can't believe you flipped to the end of an Agatha Christie book to find out who the murderer was!!


eyeris said...

Hey, that was my FIRST Agatha christie book. But it sucks that the first one I read HAD to be the best one where the murderer was so totally unexpected... sigh...