Friday, 15 October 2004

Book Review: The Portable Door (Holt)

Another up-side of having too much time on your hands - having more time to write book reviews. Here's one that was published in today's StarTwo on Tom Holt's The Portable Door:

Title: The Portable Door
Author: Tom Holt
Category: Fantasy (sort of)

What it's all about: A British guy named Paul Carpenter takes a job at a strange firm and falls in love with a weird girl with the attractiveness of a hole-punch.

One sentence summary: Harry Potter in an Office Cubicle

Full review here: Brit humour

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Erna said...

I love the review. As your writing goes, I think I'm familiar enough with your writing to be able to tell you wrote something. A good sign that some part of you still seeps into your work.