Friday, 8 October 2004

Happy Green Day!

No, it's not Earth Day, Save the World Day or something like that. It's just that for the past week, I've been listening to Green Day's new album - American Idiot, and I CAN'T SEEM TO STOP.

I've been listening to it every day in the car (and I spend A LOT of time in the car), and even on my laptop when I come home at 11pm at night and start playing Championship Manager. I can memories the lyrics or half the album already, and this morning, I even woke up humming one of the songs. It's that addictive. I haven't listened to an album continuously this much since I played the LOTR soundtracks back to back while driving from KL to Penang.

Anyway, American Idiot is by far the best Green Day album since Dookie (remember Basketcase and When I Come Around?), and probably better than that one, because it contains their most mature songs yet. I'll leave the musical criticisms to more er... 'accomplished' music reviewers, right now I just wanna say why I find this album so enjoyable.

The songs are, well, a lot more mature than their previous songs, and sure beats the heck out of wannabe Green-Days like Hoobastank (BLAH) and Simple Plan (URGH). There's hardly a bad tune in here, unlike some of their past albums which had three or four good songs and six other forgettable ones. Here, all the tunes are catchy, the lyrics are smart, and each song has it's own high points to look forward to. Oh, and it helps that they are good songs for screaming your head off in the car as well. Sure makes traffic jams easier to bear.

The two nine-minute songs (Jesus of Suburbia and Homecoming) are the best I've heard from them. Slower songs like Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Are We the Waiting and Wake Me Up When September Ends got me singing along. Perhaps the title track itself is the weakest song here, but even then, it still grows on you and you can't help screaming along with it in the end.

All in all, this is definitely one of my favorite albums of the year, and makes my short but well-worn list of my favorite albums of all time.

(BTW, in case you're wondering why I've suddenly switched focus to writing about music, it's all ireneQ's fault. Let's just say it was a pretty 'musical' mood in the office yesterday... well, kind of. If you count dissing NKOTB as being 'musical'.)

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Well, I wouldn't know, since I never listened to NKOTB... :P

Erm. Green Day who???