Thursday, 7 October 2004

Link link... linky link links

For want of something better to write, here are some links to some interesting stuff about writers, writing and the odd movie or so.

Germans turn to Tolkien
Achtung! Germans have more taste that you think! They have just voted Tolkien's Lord of The Rings as their favorite book! Read the news story here.

Master of the Unexpected
Guardian's book site has this brief guide to Roald Dahl here.

Review of Finding Neverland
This movie stars Johnny Depp, and is about J. M. Barrie, the creator of Peter Pan. Empire's reviews have rarely been off-the-mark, so if they give this movie five stars, it should be darn good. Check out the review here.

The Ultimate Movie Rock Band!
And finally, a little bit of fun. Ever wondered what the ultimate movie rock band would look like? Is Animal from the Muppets a better drummer than all the Ewoks put together? Is Chef from South Park a better lead vocalist than the Singing Bush from Three Amigos? Do we REALLY want Fat Bastard playing the bagpipes in the band, or is Michelle from American Pie's flute er... 'playing' more appealing?

Check out the results of Empire's Ultimate Movie Rock Band poll here!


The Visitor said...

Empire caters to popular tastes, so I would advise anyone with a more discerning taste to not rely on its reviews. as Jonathan Rosenbaum wrote in his book, "Movie Wars: How Hollywood and the Media Conspire to Limit What Films We Can See": "... a 'film expert' is someone who writes or broadcasts about film, full stop, yet most 'film experts' are hired not on the basis of their knowledge about film but because of their capacity to reflect the existing tastes of the public."

i couldn't agree more.

eyeris said...

The problem is... not THAT many people have 'discerning tastes', and most people just want to watch a movie for the sake of entertainment, not because they want to marvel at the artistry or 'deepness' of a movie.

In the case of Empire, at least they don't diss a movie just for the sake of it being commercial pap, and at least compare it to like-minded movies. They may not cater to 'discerning' tastes, but then again, not everyone wants to know about the 'deeper meaning' or the 'underlying theme' behind a director's intentions.

The Visitor said...

the idea of ppl "just wanting to watch movies without wanting to know the deeper meaning of films" is a myth...i think Rosenbaum put it very well in his analogy...if you give toothpaste to a thirsty man in the desert, it would taste good...this kind of thinking also has a limiting effect on what we as the audience will get to we allow the film companies (and i am talking largely of Hollywood here) to dictate what we should see and how much we should understand, the less we will get to watch "challenging" films which we might just find we like more than the "commercial pap" as you call it...notice that i didn't call it "commercial pap" but you did...i don't see anything wrong with people wanting to enjoy "pap", and that's why i said people with a "more discerning taste" should not rely on Empire reviews...i didn't say EVERYONE shouldn't believe the reviews...but we must be aware of how the "pap" eats into the market by way of hype and non-dissenting "film experts" and "film reviewers" who readily eat into the hype as well. it's not becos ppl like what they see and enjoy "pap" but becos the Hollywood machine has largely been "barinwashing" us into having certain expectations and knee-jerk reactions to movies...movies can be low-art or high-art, depending on the filmmakers' intentions...but to readily discard the aesthetics and complexity of high-art films without even trying is just wrong...taste plays a part to only a certain degree, after which it is about knowing and understanding what you're seeing on-screen and making a connection with the filmmaker and her/his art.

The Visitor said...

btw, no one disses a movie just becos it is "commercial pap"...for you to think that everytime someone gives negative comments about a commercial movie, it is not about anything else but a shallow perception of the movie, well, this kind of perception folds unto itself and actually points to the fact that he who perceives so is the one who is being shallow.

if someone can appreciate the finer forms of filmmaking and disses "commercial pap", do u seriously think that person is shallow and unthinking? i think that person is thinking more than anyone else, my friend.

eyeris said...

Sigh... whatever lah. your opinion. I just think that sometimes you tend to take things a little too seriously lar kawan.

eyeris said...

Also, are you aware that you're beginning to sound like a certain Military Expert on WU? :D

eyeris said...
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The Visitor said...

ah dammit! ya, my last post does sound like that Military Guy on WU! sheesh...i guess its true we hate what we see in ourselves!