Thursday, 7 October 2004

Riding the Storm Again

I mentioned before here that I'd interviewed a few cartoonists and comic artists, and the story came out yesterday in The Star.

The three artists I interviewed were Hong Kong's 'King of Comics' - Tony Wong; Pakistan's first and probably only female cartoonist - Nigar Nazar; and one of China's most famous and respected veteran cartoonists - Fang Cheng.

Interviewing Tony Wong gave me a nostalgic feeling that I indulged recently by buying an issue of a Hong Kong comic that I used to follow in the past - Storm Riders (created by Wong's competitors, Ma Weng-Seng), which I've talked about before here.

Anyway, although I haven't been following the comic for almost five years now, I had no problems getting back into the story, mainly because the same old characters are around (with a few new ones), and the gist of the story still involved around Cloud and Wind (and their kids). The artwork is still cool, and I have a feeling that I might get sucked back into reading the damn things again... sigh... there goes my money again...

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