Tuesday, 9 November 2004

Book Review: Lionboy: The Chase (Zizou Corder)

Another day, another book finished. No, it's STILL not The Name of The Rose, but it's Zizou Corder's second children's book in the Lionboy series - The Chase. I managed to finish it just a while ago while eating dinner (Don't worry, Daphne, I didn't spill any gravy on it).

Here is the mini-review:


Title: Lionboy: The Chase

Author: Zizou Corder

Genre: Children's adventure

Synopsis: Charlie Ashanti is on the run from an amazing floating circus with six homesick, beautiful Lions. Charlie has promised to help the Lions find their way home, but he has his own problems. His mom and dad have been kidnapped and Charlie is being hunted down by villains. New friends offer help. But can Charlie and the Lions trust them?

One thing is for sure, the chase is on...

What I liked:
  • Quite exciting, for a children's book
  • Interesting premise, and original too
  • Charlie is just such an endearing little character
  • Some nice touches in the dialogue, and generally some very nicely worded scenes and conversations
  • The story takes pot-shots at genetic modifying, tampering with DNA and cloning, rascism, evil pharmeceutical corporations, pollution and a whole lot of other issues that you don't usually read about in a children's book.
  • The story ends on a very nice footing
What I didn't like:
  • The story ends on TOO nice a footing. What's the point of the THIRD book then, eh?
  • The beginning is a bit slow, especially when Charlie is stuck in the Palazzo Bulgaria in Venice.
  • The characters seem to be able to get from one end of Europe to the other REALLY REALLY quickly.


I actually rate the Lionboy series much higher than Harry Potter, because it feels more like a REAL children's book. Where Rowling tries too hard to also cater to her adult readers, Zizou Corder (who are actually a mother and child team, BTW) never forgets who their target audience is. True, they may write about some heavy issue, but it is written in such an innocent and child-like way that there is never any doubt who the book is written for.

All in all, this is a well-written children's book that should entertain children, and make adult readers feel younger at the same time. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: Eyeris

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