Tuesday, 16 November 2004

Progress Report on a Rose's Name

It's hard to get yourself going again when you've spent the last five days lazing around the house, eating, sleeping, reading, and taking a trip to Penang to laze around, eat, sleep and read all over again. I'm back at work now while the rest of Malaysia is still on holiday, but I just can't bring myself to even open my work folder.

Anyway, last week was an eventful week, what with attending friends' weddings, enduring visiting relatives (who kept asking me when I will be getting married), and visiting a sick grandparent; all of which gave me a lot of things to think about during the otherwise lazy holiday.

Not surprisingly, reading was not on top of my to-do list, not with so many things going on, but I still managed to get through another quarter of The Name of A Rose (this is getting tired I know, I really need to finish this book...), and found that, just like Lord of the Rings, things REALLY start happening halfway through the book. In other words, after all the introductions, descriptions of the abbey, historical recollections and idle chatter have been taken care off. I'm now at the part where things are getting interesting, where the investigation is REALLY starting to become more than just a series of conversations with assorted monks. So, thankfully, I think I should be able to finish it soon... I hope.

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