Friday, 5 November 2004

Reading frenzy!

Every so often, I get an urge to finish as many books as I can in one shot. I'm having one of those urges now, and I'm proud to say that in the past week, I've finished three books already. Sure, one of these was the ultra-short Skipping Christmas, but the other two have been pretty heavy, mostly because they were hardcovers (which are pain in the neck to carry around in your bag).

Anyway, I'm trying VERY HARD to finish what is currently the greatest challenge on my To-Read-List: The Name of The Rose, but I've been unable to get through more than a chapter or two at one go. When I get too bored of insane monks abominating laughter and killing people in an abbey, I turn to Zizou Corder's Lionboy: The Chase, the second book in a series of a children's novels that is turning out to be WAAAY better than Harry Potter could ever hope to be.

BTW, here is the full review of Pratchett's Going Postal that was published in The Star today:

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