Friday, 10 December 2004

Grrrrrr.... snap snap snap...

Am in a particularly snappish mood today.

Maybe it was the faulty South Park DVDs I bought yesterday.
Maybe it's because I have to work on some silly stories about the history of football and basketball.
Maybe it's because my insurance agent called me up to tell me the payment didn't go through when it was SUPPOSED to go through (Read: When I actually HAD some money in my account).
Maybe it's because Daphne forgot to bring the Uncle books today (Heh).
Or maybe I'm just highly strung from too much coffee.

If those South Park DVDs had worked last night, I wouldn't BE in this state.

But then again, last night WAS a good night. I conducted an interview with Glenda Larke, an Australian fantasy author who lives in Malaysia who held a book reading of her latest trilogy last night in PJ.

The title of the trilogy is The Isles of Glory, consisting of The Aware, Gilfeather and The Tainted. From the bits that she read last night, it seems like a pretty intriguing story. Even my friend Erna (she who worships The Name of The Rose) thought that it sounded interesting.

Best bits of the night: free wine, free books (she gave me the entire trilogy to review), and and interesting interview. She talked about her influences, the books she likes (which include Pratchett, Hobb and Guy Gavriel Kay), how she writes her books and so on. For the full gist of the interview, wait for my story to be published. :-)

One of the first things she said to me was that she reads my reviews, and she doesn't really agree with my views on Terry Brooks. She also said she is looking forward to my review of HER books.

Great, the last thing I need is the author of a book I'm reviewing staying in the same city as I do.

Anyway, it was pretty enlightening to meet an author and get her views on fantasy, writing and her influences. Now, if I could only get Pratchett or Hobb to drop by in KL...

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