Monday, 13 December 2004

Listing a List of Lists.

It's December, and almost every magazine and publication is coming up with their 'Best and Worst of the Year' lists.

Everywhere you look, you get lists like Best Movie of the Year, Best Dressed Celebrity of the Year, Best Ah-Beng Trend of the Year, Best Book of the Year, Best Shade of Red Lipstick of the Year, Best Polka Song of the Year, and so on. It can get a little silly sometimes, and most of the time, very amusing.

After all, who doesn't make up their own lists? When conversations come to what five movies were the best of the year, most people would happily divulge their own list of TEN movies, from their Numero-Uno-Favorite to their TENTH most favorite, and would probably throw in their worst movies of the year as well.

EVERYONE makes lists. In our minds, we watch a movie and think, "Hmmmm, I like this better than Shrek 2, but it's not as good as Finding Nemo", and file that bit of info away in a secluded spot in our brains, to be dragged out again when we happen to be discussing 'The Best Animated Movies of All Time".

Ok, maybe that's just me, I am a list-freak after all. I have lists for Favorite Movies, Favorite Books, Favorite Songs, Favorite Actresses, and even Favorite Types of Cheese Cake. There was a time in Primary School when I would come up with my very own music charts (based on the amount of airplay a song gets on my little radio).

Heck, even my BLOG here is peppered by lists. I've blogged about my favorite fantasy characters, my favorite 80's cartoons, my favorite Pratchett books, favorite nonsensical phrases and my favorite animal characters.

Anyway, over the next few posts, I'll be posting some of MY lists for the year. And in pure list-loving fashion, I shall list a list of the lists I shall be listing out in future lists. Here are some of them (the list is subject to relisting if list turns out to be not a list because the list only has ONE subject on the list; or if I have more lists to list):

  • My Favorite Movies of the Year (ho hum.)
  • Worst Movies I've Seen This Year
  • Best Books I've Read This Year
  • Favorite Bit of News
  • Best Quotes I've Heard This Year
  • Stupidest Trend of the Year
  • Favorite Personality This Year
  • Favorite Polka Song this Year (also voted the list most likely to be un-listed in this list)
  • Favorite Type of Mosquito
  • Weirdest Moments of the Year
  • Favorite Mamak Stall experience
  • Best Books I have NOT read
  • Most Memorable Celebrity I've met This Year (which can be narrowed down to... er.. two. Not much of a list eh?)
  • Weirdest List Ideas I can Come Up With

Now, I gotta find out how to stop this lisp I'm developing...

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