Tuesday, 21 December 2004

Otters eat Corned Beef with the Half-Blood Prince

Just thought I'd put a short post to say announce that J.K. Rowling has finished her next Harry Potter book ON SCHEDULE for a change.

While Harry Potter is hugely popular all over the world, I know many people (stand up and take a bow, Daphne) who can't stand Harry. Personally, I LOVE the CONCEPT of the Harry Potter books, but I also feel that Rowling is at best, an average writer with a wild imagination.

Anyway, she just announced on her site here that she has finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I had to go through a bloody hassle of answering six riddles to get to the darn message, and all I got was an announcement I'd read a few minutes before on another site. Ceh.

To get to the announcement, follow these steps on her official site:

1) Click on the black ring thingy (which is a Portkey) to get to the door of her study.
2) Figure out how to open the door (Very easy, this)
3) Once the door is opened, there are a few presents under the Christmas tree. Click on each present and answer the riddles that pop up
4) After you've answer every riddle, the Star on the top of the tree will light up
5) Click on the Xmas card with Star on it.
6) Read message
7) Curse and yell for having to go through all that hassle just to get to that short message

On another note, her official site IS quite fun to play around in. :-)

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