Thursday, 20 January 2005

Dreaming of a Dream Interview

I was talking to a colleague last night, and this question popped up: If you could interview ANYONE in the world, who would you want to interview most?

My personal conditions for this question are:
  • The person must be still ALIVE (that took Tolkien out of my list, and Cobain out of his)
  • The person must be famous (So that cute chick from the office across the street is ineligible)
  • The person must be someone we REALLY, REALLY want to talk to, not just some cute actress we would like to sleep with. (this condition took a LOT of names of my list)

Unsurprisingly, considering our interests, my colleague's names were mostly music icons, while mine were mostly authors. But what we DID agree on was that musicians and writers are so much more interesting to interview than film stars.

Film stars tend to give very PR answers that only center around the movie they are making. Very boring. Musicians and authors tend to be much more fun to interview because they can be quite creative with their answers (Of course, not ALL of them are like that, but at least the ones I'VE interviewed before are).

Anyway, we settled for only one name each last night. Mine was (unsurprisingly) - Terry Pratchett.

This is mainly because I love his books so much, and I've read other peoples' interviews with him, and I have a whole lot of other questions that I want to bombard him with. I also would LOVE to find out what makes this man's mind tick, and how he comes up with all that good stuff in his books.

When I got home, I expanded my list to include the following people (still following the above criteria, of course):
  • Noel Gallagher - Not because I have a fetish for being beaten up, but I'm guessing that if I could get him to really talk, it would be a damn fine interview. Wouldn't want to be in the same room as Liam though. He'd make mince meat out of me.
  • Robin Hobb - Damn good writer, and judging from her website content, not an easy person to interview too, I'll bet. And yes Glenda, I'm trying VERY HARD to get that invite to Continuum 2005 so I CAN meet Hobb.
  • Peter Jackson - Lord of The Rings. Nuff' said. This is one choice that appeals little geek-Eyeris in me.
  • Wong Kar Wai - Enigmatic filmmaker. While I am not a film connoisseur (read: movie snob. Haha) like The Visitor, I think Wong's movies are very thought provoking, and I would really like to find out what this man is like, and how he thinks.

The last name is one person whom I might have a slightly higher chance of getting an interview with.

As for the rest... well, one can always dream, right?

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