Monday, 17 January 2005

First broken resolution of the year!

Ok, so I broke one of my resolutions yesterday. (Er... better make that TWO. I still haven't returned Name of the Rose to Erna yet. Oopsie)

I was in Payless Books Ampang Point yesterday, and I bought a book without first finishing one.

But I have a good excuse for breaking it.

First, the book was The Elements of Style (William Strunk Jr. & E.B. White) that alleged 'Bible' of writing that almost every writer swears by (at least those who actually READ these things).

Second, it was going for a mere RM5! Now, who in their right mind would be able to resist THAT price for THAT book?

There you have it, I've justified my 'broken' resolution.

Now to think up an excuse for those four other Far Side books that I bought... (well, they WERE only RM6 each...)

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