Monday, 3 January 2005

Howe did I miss this site?

I can't believe I only just found John Howe's website today. In all my years of scouring the net for images of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy artwork, I'd somehow missed Howe's site, which has all the great paintings he's done for LOTR and other fantasy books, including Robin Hobb, and even the odd Grailquest book.

In case you still don't know who Howe is, he's the guy who (together with fellow illustrator Alan Lee) did the art designs for the LOTR movies. To many, Howe and Lee's paintings and drawings were the closest thing to Tolkien's own vision of how Middle-Earth looked like.

Here's the link to his site: John Howe. I spent the best part of two hours just looking through the pretty paintings....

For the gallery of his work, go HERE.

And for his work on Robin Hobb's books, go HERE.

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