Friday, 28 January 2005

My Fortune in Cookies

We got lots of Chinese New Year hampers in the office today. Lots of snacks, lots of food, lots of cookies. And they wonder why journalists gain weight so easily.

Anyway, in one of them hampers was a bag of 'fortune cookies'.

These 'cookies' are shaped like a Chinese gold nugget, and they all had a slip of paper inside that had a nice little 'fortune, each ending with a smiley face. Weird.

Anyway, here are some of those fortunes:

  • You have an important new business development shaping up (Cool. I never knew I hada business)
  • You are careful and systematic in your business arrangements (Hmmm... maybe I should start that business after all)
  • Good news will come to you from far away (Er... how far is far away?)
  • Your kindness is surely to be repaid (Hmmm... I gave one fortune cookie to a colleague. Does that count as 'kindness'? When will I get repaid?)
  • Your lucky number is ..... (The Visitor got TWO of these. Dammit. Oh well, I got the NEXT one...)
  • The star of riches is shining upon you (YAY! I'm gonna get rich! I'm gonna get rich! And we all thought the KL sky was too hazy to see stars)
  • A friend asks only for your time, not your money. (Huh?)

And here's my favorite of all:

  • If you think you can, you can

Some fortune, eh?

What are you waiting for? They're called Famous Fortune Cookies, go get some of them!

Now, I'm going to gasak more of them cookies.

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