Friday, 14 January 2005

Nac Mac Feegle!

Never mind the last post where I said I didn't have time to post anyting else. Came across this site HERE and checked it out. Paul Kidby is the artist who illustrated Terry Pratchett's last few books, and even has a book of Discworld art out in the market now.

But what REALLY drew my attention was these babies:

All together now: NAC MAC FEEGLE!!!!!

These are tiny resin figures of the main Feegles, originally designed & sculpted by Paul Kidby as a one-off birthday gift for Terry Pratchett, but now available on the website.

Damn I wish I could have a set of these. But they cost £29.95 (around RM210) EACH, and are only limited to 2000 pieces worldwide. Boohoo...

But if you want one, you can always check out the site HERE.

They even have portrait heads of Discworld characters (butno Granny Weatherwax... :-( )

Damn my pathetically low salary and my money-sucking insurance payments. *sob*

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Zeph Keyes said...

I'm hoping you've managed to get a hold of these in the seven years since you posted... the ones i wanted are all long gone.. boo hoo... not that I could have afford them anyway:(