Tuesday, 25 January 2005

Revisiting Loving Writing

Another warning: This is another Me, Me, Me post. And this is probably about as close to a personal post that you'd get on this blog. :-P

The Visitor and I have had lots of 'disagreements' before.

Most of the time, he scoffs at my love for the LOTR movies, and I kutuk his 'high-brow' attitude concerning movies. Other times, he tembak my reluctance to watch horror films, and I just insult his hairstyle.

We've not killed each other yet (even though we usually sit a mere two or three PCs apart). The keyword here is YET. Hehe.

Anyway, The Visitor (a.k.a. movie & Writing Snob) brought up an interesting point to my last post that got ME all worked up. Again.

"If anyone says they LOVE writing, they are lying. definitely lying. Why? becos the process of writing is NOT pleasurable at all. It is suffering, it is painful, it is lonely....... Any writer will tell you, the hours spent slogging are like hours spent in hell."

Is it REALLY a lie if someone says they love writing? Why shouldn't the writing itself be pleasurable as well?

Dey, it may not be fun to you, but it's fun to me lar. I'm the kind of person who has fun processing press releases for frozen chicken-and-jellyfish-flavoured instant pizza.

Maybe it's because of four years stuck in a Computer Science course of which I had no interest in whatsoever; but I relish the oppurtunity I get at my job. I can get creative with things. I can tembak movies I hate and recommend books that I love. I can think up weird angles for a routine profile on a pretty model.

It's fun to me.

In fact, most of the time, it doesn't even feel like a job to me.

Most journalists think the interviewing and reporting bit is the easy part, and dread coming back to do the story. Me, I HATE making phone calls. I HATE arranging interviews. The interview itself I can handle (especially if it's a cute actress), but probably the only thing I REALLY hate about the writing bit is transcribing that hour-long tape of someone rambling on about micro-organisms in breast milk.

That's about it.

However, when it comes to WRITING a story, I have no problems. I like just whacking out weird phrases just to see if it fits in the story. I think of angles while driving to work.

Of course, I've only been 'officially' a journalist for only two years, still considered an infant when compared to 'veterans' like Daphne (sorry for dragging you in this, Daphne. :P ) and 'jaded old journalists' like The Visitor (sorry dude, couldn't resist. :-P )

A jaded old journalist would probably be fed up of all the time spent in front of the PC banging out yet another review of the 568th time Andy Lau visits KL. A novelist would say that it IS tedious, all that rewriting and editing. Writing is no fun sometimes. True. But it IS fun sometimes too.

You know what IS the hardest part for me? Getting started.

There are times when I have everything down on the screen but I just don't want to work. But once I do, then it's a lot easier.

"That makes it worthwhile is when you see the outcome, the result of that process. that's the pleasurable part."

Ok, THIS part I agree. It IS the outcome that makes it all worthwhile, ESPECIALLY if you have slogged hard on that story.

But I also like the writing bit wor. So how?

That said, me and The Visitor, we WRITE all the time because it's our JOB. For a blogger, a part-time writer, a poet or even a songwriter, writing CAN be pleasurable. And even for a journalist who spends half his waking hours in front of the PC trying to figure out how to make another generic boy band from Taiwan look different, it can be pleasurable.

Most of the time, that is.

Ok, enough on this. About that hairstyle, Visitor....

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