Thursday, 6 January 2005

When is a blog not a blog?

And now, we take a short break from our regular program to bring you this non-book, non-movie, non-music, non-toy and non-eyeris post.


What is it about?


Yes... Blogs.

Erna's Saving Dreams blog has this post here: BLOG SNOBS, which is about how this 'blogger' sniffed:

"According to Oon Yeoh, "The blogging phenomenon we all read and hear about in the US is NOT online diaries. When we read in the US media about an explosion in blogging activities, what they are referring to are news blogs or blogs that comment about the news. Not about someone's personal life. There really is a distinction between the two (blogs and online diaries) but people here don't seem to know or care about that."

Ah... so.

I was always under the impression that a BLOG is short for WEB-LOG, meaning a log of events that one keeps... ie: a journal!

But according the the interviewee, it seems as though 'blogs' are NOT meant to be journals, but something that is totally different! But didn't these so call 'blogs' stem from first being about people writing about what they cared about?

This sounds a bit like the chicken and egg thingy eh? Did online journals come first, or did the blog come first?

One thing I don't like about some 'blogs' is how some try to be too self righteous at times, and try to force their views down people's throats. Sure, its fine if you wanna just tell people about the news and views, but when you start trying to be all self-righteous and noble and start preaching to people about how THEY should think, then there's something wrong there. You might as well become a TV evangelist.

To me, blogs should always contain a certain, personal part of the blogger. THAT is why blogging is so fun. It's letting people know how you feel, and how you think, and NOT just about telling people about the news or issues, stuff that people can read in the NEWS. The personal touch is what attracts me the most when reading a blog.

Also, to me, the fun part of blogging is the FREEDOM of just doing what you want. No one to tell you what to write about, no deadlines, and certainly no one to tell you that YOUR 'BLOG' is NOT a BLOG.

When you start blogging just to please your readers, THAT'S when you start becoming self-righteous and sometimes indulgent.

The HELL with people who think that 'blogs' should be for the masses and should 'do justice' to the public. I'm all for people blogging about their personal life. It's a lot more entertaining than another bloody post on the inadequacies of the political situation in Timbuktu.


On a more personal note, I'd always wondered what kind of focus I should give this insignificant, little and supposedly NON-blog of mine.

As my title above implies, I'm pretty undecided. Should I talk about books? Or movies? Or music? Or toys? Or just about everything (it IS my Eye on Everything after all).

As it is, I'm quite inclined to let it focus mostly on it being a book blog, with slight diversions in the form of movies, music and some wacky stuff here and there.

But then again, talking about books all the time can be a bit boring, I know. And there's only so much one can talk about words on a stack of paper bound together inside a piece of cardboard.

As it is, I'm open to suggestions on what I should blog about.

Suggestions anyone? Feedback? Anyone?


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