Monday, 24 January 2005

Why I like being a writer

Warning: Potentially self-indulgent and 'perasan' post ahead.

I was going through my old documents in my PC yesterday, and came across an essay I once wrote while applying for a job, which was supposed to explain why I wanted to apply for a writing job.

Back then, I wasn't sure why I wanted to write for a living. I mean, I studied Computer Science in University, for god's sake. But somehow, I liked writing stories and articles more than I liked writing software programs.

Fast forward to today, I'm writing for a living as a journalist/feature writer, and I'm happier than a Hobbit with Longbottom Leaf.

Sure, things could always be better in certain aspects, but as of now, I'm happy with what I'm doing, even if I'm interviewing cringing pop tarts like S.H.E., or processing poorly-worded press releases about multi-flavored instant noodles.

Of course, most of the time I consider myself a writer first, and a reporter second. Depends on what you like I guess. Some journalists prefer the reporting bit to the writing part.

Anyway, rereading that little self-promotion piece got me thinking as to exactly WHY I like what I'm doing. And here's why (in no particular order):

- I can convey my emotions and feelings better through writing rather than when I talk.

- I like playing with words to make them more fun to read. (even better if people actually laugh at the stuff I write. Unless it's funny unintentionally.)

- I like learning about stuff and writing to tell people about it (in other words, I damn kepoh wan...)

- I like the challenge of describing something to others through the use of words (which I think is lot more fun than just taking a photo)

- I love the satisfaction one gets when someone tells me that they have read and liked my stuff. (though I wish that happened more often)

And last but not least....

-I just love to write.

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