Wednesday, 2 February 2005

The Eyeris Book-Wrapping Technique

I used to be very rajin at wrapping my books in the past. I have whole sets of manga that I liked very much all nicely wrapped up in clear plastic.

In fact, I used to wrap books so often that I had my own little routine/technique for wrapping books. Here it is:


(Done in glorious non-technicolor and zero-picture style!)

* 1 book (looks like lots of pieces of paper with words on them, all nicely bound together.)

* 1 Plastic Sheet (preferably clear, and without sickly pink hearts or 'cuddly' Pooh bears; easily available in rolled up tubes at stationary shops for less than RM2.00)

* 1 Knife (I prefer using knives to scissors, because I always get blisters on my fingers if I use scissors for too long a time at one go. The best knives are the ones where you can push the blade up and down. Donno what they're called though)

* 1 Ruler (preferably short, and made of metal)

* 1 roll of Cellophane Tape (Any size will do, as long as it's sticky. Even better if you have one of those sticky-tape dispensers where you can just tear off the tape without cutting it with scissors)

* 1 floor (preferably not made of wooden paqeut or marble, unless you want knife marks all over your precious floor. Of course, it's easier to do the cutting on a layer of newspaper or something like that, but where's the fun in that?

1) Roll out the plastic on the floor.

2) Place book on the plastic sheet.

3) Cut out a piece of the plastic sheet that can cover BOTH covers of the book, with some leftover at the sides that will be folded INTO the book covers. (No need to measure wan, just agak only lar.)

4) Fold the parts of the plastic that stick out from the SIDES of the book cover (the part where you turn the pages) into the book cover, and smoothen it REALLY flat, so that it doesn't bounce back up.

5) Repeat for the back cover.

6) Cut away the plastic that is sticking out of the SPINE of the book.

7) Now, fold the rest of the plastic on the upper part of the book covers (the parts that join to the spine lar), and sticky tape all of it together.

8) Voila! The book is wrapped!

9) Now, check and see if there are any stray strands of hair trapped inside the plastic (which usually happens if you'd neglected to sweep the floor before laying out that plastic sheet).

10) If there IS some hair in it, you'll have to open up all the cellophane tape and get the damn hair out.

11) Repeat steps 1-10 for additional books and continue until you have no more books to wrap or you run out of wrapping plastic.

Disclaimer: The writer bears no responsibility for any torn covers, wasted plastic, or botched folding procedures while using the above instuctions as a guide for wrapping your books.

And don't ask me for pictures to go with the instructions. Me too lazy to take em'. :-)


Now you can read your book without the fear of curry staining the cover, or getting oily fingerprints all over that glossy book cover!

However, nowadays I am too damn lazy to wrap my books, which accounts for a lot of dog-earred and curry-stained covers. But if I have time, I'll do it again, because it's damn addictive to see all your books all lined up on the shelf, all nicely wrapped up in nice gleaming clear plastic, looking like new.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if you're EVER gonna read this comment since I'm putting it up on a 2005-written post anyway, but the tips were good! I have to say this isn't too shabby for a first try. Thanks again.