Monday, 7 February 2005

*Fidget fidget*

It's almost Chinese New Year. I'm looking forward to my coming holiday. TEN days of no work. Wheeeee!

Oh wait, I still need to finish that review of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel for Daphne. Drat.

Anyway, I have a feeling these two days is going to be very tedious, not least because three quarters of the office has balik kampung, and it's freaking cold here.

And I still have a deadline to catch! Aiyor... So no proper post today. Maybe tomorrow...

Am gonna have a lot of time to myself this holidays, so I'm looking forward to finishing some chorse I've been putting off for a long time (like dusting my action figures), wrapping some books, and of course, FINISHING some books.

Hopefully by the time I get back to the office and can blog regularly again, I'll be able to post some mini reviews (which have not been posted since three months back with The Mango Season. Goes to show how many books I've read since then).

Till then, tomorrow's the last day of work before the holiday.

Whee! Can't wait, can't wait.

*Fidget fidget*

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