Tuesday, 15 February 2005

Happy Green Grammy Day!

Yesterday was the Grammy Awards, and although I don't usually follow this awards show very closely (being not very musically inclined anyway), yesterday was the first time I actually watched the whole damn thing. Well, ALMOST the whole thing.

I turned on the TV in the morning just in time to catch Green Day's performance of American Idiot. And that, was basically the only reason why I wanted to watch the show.

I like the American Idiot album a lot (See my review HERE); in fact, I couldn't stop playing it two-three months after I got it. So naturally, I was rooting for the group all the way in yesterday's awards.

They deservedly won the Best Rock Album award, beating Elvis Costello's The Imposters, Velvet Revolver, The Killers and Hoobastank (HAH!), but lost out to U2's Vertigo in the Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song categories. I kinda expected this since American Idiot the SONG is not really as good as the ALBUM.

And lets face it, there was no way they would have won Best Record or Best Album with Ray Charles in the mix.

But as far as the Best Rock Album award goes, they thoroughly deserved it, IMHO, because it's been a while since I've heard an album that I can't stop listening to, an album that is as fun as it is loud.

As Billie Joe Armstrong himself said while receiving the award, "Rock n' Roll can be dangerous and fun at the same time." And I think the album really epitomised that philosophy.

Keep on rocking, dudes!

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