Saturday, 5 February 2005

Painting My Feelings

Daphne blogged HERE about her favorite paintings today, inspired by a Jimmy Liao painting that Amelia had on HER blog HERE.

Jumping on the bandwagon in usual EoE style, I shall also talk about my favorite paintings here. However, my taste is somewhat eclectic (or rather, non-existent), and pretty much mainstream. But anyway, here are my personal favorite paintings/illustrations, chosen based on what I feel about it rather than how good artistically it really is.

First up, the 'real' artists.

Van Gogh - Wheat Field with Crows (pix taken from

I like Van Gogh's paintings because of all the lovely colors, and I especially like this painting because of the rather somber feeling I get when I look at it. When I look at this picture, I feel sad, yet hopeful at the same time.

Another painting I like is this one:

Edgar Degas - L'etoile (The Star)

The first time I saw this painting, I fell in love with it. Since then, I've bought posters, jigsaw puzzles and postcards of this painting, and one day, I want to go and see the actual painting with my own eyes. Strangely enough, I only like this painting by Degas, while I'm pretty indifferent to his other works.

I also grew up on a lot of Hong Kong comics, and some of my favorite 'paintings' come from the covers of Ma Weng-Seng's Storm Riders comics. These two here are my favorites, depicting my favorite character in the comics, Nie Feng:

This character is named after 'wind' and these two pictures have a quiet yet confident feeling about them. Ma's cover art is one of the best in the Hong Kong comics industry, and I count a lot more of his covers for Storm Riders as my favorite 'paintings'.

What of book illustrations then?

I have logged before about loving John Howe's illustrations for both The Lord of The Rings and Robin Hobb's books, so I won't mention him again. (though if you want, just go check out the pix HERE)

I also like Paul Kidby's illustrations for Terry Pratchett's Discworld books, and the cover for A Hat Full of Sky is one of my favorites yet, because of the serious look on Tiffany's face, and the contrast of the crazy Feegles on her hat:

And since Daphne didn't include Narnia or The Hobbit in HER choices of favorites, here are two pictures from these books that I quite like:

Pauline Baynes, Prince Caspian cover art (pix taken from

This Prince Caspian cover was on the first ever Narnia book I ever laid my eyes on, and since reading that book resulted fueling a love for fantasy books, I count this as one of my favorite book covers ever.

And now, I shall leave you with my favorite cover for The Hobbit, depicting Bilbo's barrel ride down the river:

J.R.R. Tolkien, Bilbo comes to the Huts of the Raftelves (cover art for the 1974 Ballantine paperback edition of The Hobbit, pix taken from

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