Friday, 11 February 2005

A Return to Less-Boring Things

I'm back!

It was a rather uneventful return to the hometown this Chinese New Year, with lots of angpaus, and lots of eating. Also, since Prai was pretty dull (and I didn't want to brave the traffic jams in Penang), I spent a whole lot of time reading. In fact...


Now I don't have to lug that piece of brick around anymore.

Look out for the mini-review soon (which will be up fast, because I'm also working on my proper review for the paper).

In the meantime, I'm now reading Daphne's copy of Uncle Stories and it's pretty fun. REally non-sensical, but really, really fun. :-)

Anyway, as I was saying, Chinese New Year was pretty dull this time around. Didn't exactly turn out to be the BIG gathering that I expected, but also wasn't as somber as I thought. It was good seeing my grand-dad though. He looks healthy. :-)

However, am glad to be back in KL, where the grass is dead, and the air is hazy, and the good times are blowing. Am planning to take advantage of the empty roads tomorrow and take a drive to Kinokuniya for a nice browse, and maybe catch Keanu 'Wooden Plank' Reeves in Constantine.

After all, I have a nice long holiday without work, and I'm planning to use it to the fullest. :-)


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