Monday, 14 February 2005

Romance across the Pages

It's Valentine's Day, and I'm staying home blogging. Oh well, she's coming up to KL in two days time, so it's still all goo000d. :-)

Anyway, I'm not exactly a great believer in Valentine's Day. After all, why wait until February 14th to buy roses when you have the entire YEAR to do so? After all, if you bought one rose stalk for her everyday on January, it would still probably cost less than the dozen roses you buy on Valentine's Day itself.

It's crazy.

But anyway, since it IS a celebration of love of sorts, I'll do MY WAAAAAY, and pay tribute to some of my favorite fictional couples in books (movies cannot lar, too many).

Oh, BTW, I'll probably leave out a lot of 'classic' romances, not because I don't think them worthy, but because I haven't READ those books yet. So as always, my list will probably be mostly fantasy couples, and I'll probably leave out lots more, since I can only remember so many from the top of my head now.

But feel free to add YOUR favorites to the list in the comments! :-)

1) Eowyn and Faramir (From the Lord of the Rings)
They began their love despite the realization that the world might end soon, and after both had lost father figures (and one, her first love). This is one couple whose love was born out of pain, loss, anguish and hopelessness. Baring that Mills & Boons moment atop the battlements of Gondor, this is one romance that was romantic because of the hope for love, more than the love itself.

3) FitzChivalry Farseer and Molly Nosebleed (from Robin Hobb's Farseer & Tawny Man trilogies)
Another case of tragic love. Childhood friends become lovers, eventually torn apart by circumstance, magic and tragedy. Sounds familiar?

4) Georgina and Dick (From Enid Blyton's Famous Five)
I forget, were they cousins? If they were, then banish all thoughts of romance between these two, please! And forget the fact that they were kids. :-S
I've added them here because when I was reading the Famous Five books, I always imagined that they'd get together when they grew up, especially since they were the most fun characters of the five (yes, even more than Tim the dog), and imagine the havoc they'd wreck in their household. Hehe.

5) Hermione Granger and Viktor Klum (From Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)
Hey, I have a thing for girls in glasses, ok? :-) One of my first crushes had glasses and was the brainy type, so I kinda like Hermione too. (And it helps that Emma Watson's pretty cute too. Wait, she's only 14. ARGH!) And the part where Ron and Harry find out that Viktor's date was Hermione was probably the most memorable part of Goblet of Fire. (Again, please disregard the fact that these are KIDS please).

PS: Will add more later if I happen to think of anymore. In the meantime, feel free to give me YOUR favorite literary couples!

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