Thursday, 24 February 2005

Spoilers Spoiling the Spoils

I'm tired.

Have also been trying to edit a 4000-word email interview full of scientific jargon into a manageable 1500-word article. Took me two damn days to finish that.

Been trying to wake up at 3am for the past two days to watch football, but have not been successful both times. Both attempts resulted in me feeling even more tired the next morning, even though I didn't even watch the games.

I'm up to three cups of Nescafe a day now, and I didn't even notice that I was drinking so much coffee until my stash of Nescafe finished in less than half the time I used to take.

Darn it.

I got really irritated yesterday too, because when I went for tea, some of my colleagues were talking about Sepet, which I have not watched, and giving away minor spoilers.


I hate it when people tell me crucial parts of a movie that I would have prefered to watch on my own. Imagine watching The Sixth Sense and knowing the ending. I don't like knowing how a movie goes BEFORE I watch it, because it spoils the entire movie for me, and I will spend the whole movie just thinking about how this adds up to that, instead of just sitting back and letting everything unveil properly.

I learnt the hard way never to peek at the back of a book to find out how it ends. I was reading Agatha Christie's The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and being young and clueless then (I was about 8, I think), I happily flipped to the end, found out who the murderer was, and promptly banged my head on the wall because I just realised (too late) that I'd just spoiled my enjoyment of the book.

I have NEVER flipped to the end of a book ever since.

I have a history at screaming at people who tell me spoilers. I also have a tendency to walk (or rather, stalk) off whenever conversation turns to a movie I have not seen, because spoilers inadvertantly rise whenever a movie is discussed.

The latest one was when I was talking to my brother about the last Amazing Race, and I mentioend I liked one of the teams and hope they'd win. He then proceeded to tell me, "Oh, they didn't." That REALLY killed the conversation, especially since I stalked off after he told me that.

The worst one was when someone told me who died in the last Harry Potter book before I'd finished it. I just blew up and almost yelled at her. In the middle of Kinokuniya.

I also get REALLY cheesed off when 'reviewers' give away the entire story in their 'reviews'. One idiot I once read gave away the ending to ALL the three M. Night Shyamalan movies (Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs) in his 'review' of The Village, AND added The Village's ending as well, for good measure. What an IDIOT. Good thing I'd already watched all the movies, or I'd REALLY have ben pissed off.

Of course, I also had a FIELD DAY making up fake spoilers and telling them to people who ONLY want to watch the LOTR movies, but couldn't be bothered with reading the books. Among these fake spoilers were:
  • Gandalf dies
  • Sam betrays Frodo into giving up the Ring to him
  • Arwen rides into battle at Minas Tirith
  • Legolas, along with all the other elves, are wiped out in the battle in ROTK
I'm evil, I know. :-)

Right now, I'm trying very hard not to read anything about the movies I most want to watch, especially Star Wars Episode III. That's getting pretty hard because all the action-figure websites I always visit are all filled with news about the new Star Wars toys, and there are a LOT of spoilers there.

Sure, we all know Anakin becomes Vader, but what happens BEFORE that? Don't tell me, I don't wanna know.

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