Friday, 25 February 2005

To Dream The Stupidest Dreams

Everyone has weird dreams. Mine are too. A few nights back I had a dream (or rather, a nightmare) about being involved in a 10 car pile up.

I was driving along a rural country road in Pahang (complete with rubber estates around me), and as I turned a corner, I saw a massive accident in front of me. I swerved left, turned right, jammed on my brakes, swerved again, and miraculously managed to avoid the mess.

Then I pulled over. I looked back. And I saw that I'd drop something (don't ask me how. It's a dream lar).

So here's the inexplicable part. I TURNED the car back, rev-ed the engine a few times, and SHOT my car into the mess again, once again swerving in and out to avoid the crashed cars.

What an idiotic dream-me.

This time, no luck. I clipped the back of a car, and the car spun out of control, squishing a few drivers haggling for compensation at the roadside.

Funny thing is, I distinctly remember thinking (in my dream), "God, the bill for this is going to kill me."

That's when I woke up to the biggest sense of relief I ever had waking up from a dream, since the time I woke up in a cold sweat one day before my SPM because I'd dreamt the night before that I MISSED the exam.

Stupid dreams.

While I don't believe that dreams 'symbolize' anything, I do believe that dreams are affected by what we do or think in real life.

The last time I had a marathon session of South Park, all the people in my dreams that night were short, squat, and couldn't move their arms.

A lot of times too, if I'd watched a movie or played a game before I slept, I'd be dreaming that I was IN that movie or game. Case in point: I once had a marathon three-week non-stop session of trying to finish Final Fantasy VII, and in that period of time, my dreams mostly consisted of me either cuddling up to Aerie, fighting stupid monsters, or chasing Chokobos.

Another thing I really believe about dreams is - if you dream about somebody (or something) pee-ing, chances are, your REAL (sleeping) self needs to go to the bathroom, like, NOW.

I kid you not. One of my most vivid dream sequences involves four fruits (two lemons, and orange and an apple, to be exact) pee-ing beside a road.

That's when I woke up, and had to run really, really fast to the toilet.

I've also had lots of really vivid 'story' dreams where the whole thing unfolds like a fantasy novel. When I wake up from these dreams, I try to write them down in case I can use them for my future novel (right), but somehow, eight-headed orange monsters living in a mine just don't make as much logical sense as they usually do in the dream.

I also had a dream about traveling around Malaysia and visiting my friends in a hot-air balloon, and started to write that down, before I realized that Jules Verne had already done that.

But I think dreams are fun. though I hate it when I wake up from a dream too tired to think; I also hate it when someone wakes me up BEFORE I'd finished dreaming a dream that I was enjoying, and make me forget everything that happened.

Makes you wish you could continue dreams at will sometimes. If we could do that, maybe I could continue that dream last night where there was this hot chick taking a shower in the middle of KLCC.....

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