Friday, 25 March 2005

The Bangkok Chronicles: A Dreamy Night Above Bangkok


Last night I was eating by the sidewalk with buses spewing black smoke into my beef noodles, passer-bys jogging my elbow forcing me to spill my soup, and had potential stomach-upsets to worry about.

Tonight, I was dining in style on the 64th floor of my hotel, in a place called The Dome, where I drank beer on a 'sky bar' platform overlooking Bangkok, under the moonlight and with a live band playing into the wind.

Talk about moving up in life eh? :-P

How all this came about was a bit strange though. I'm roomies with this Korean reporter, and he had two fellow Koreans (a VERY cute girl, and her boss) who were here on a busines trip, at the same event I am covering here. One thing led to another, and when we got back, the boss invited my roommate and I to dinner at The Dome. :-)

Very lucky indeed.

Not only did I get to enjoy the sights and sounds 64 floors above Bangkok under a full moon AND have a nice dinner, I also had a nice chat with the Korean chick as well. Haha.

No pictures of her to post though. I mean I DO have pictures, but I ain't posting them. And still no pictures of cute Thai chicks either. :-)

Anyway, here are two cool pix of the Dome, and the band playing:

Unfortunately, they didn't allow us to take photos there (i dinna know why), so this one is rather blur because I had to do it rather sneakily and quickly. A pity. :-(

That singer is one hell of a lady, daring to sing in the open roof of the 64th floor.

Now, it's been a long day, and I'm going to sleep and to dream of romantic views from dreamy heights, and cute Korean chicks. :-)

Yup, it's been a VERY good day indeed. :-)

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