Monday, 28 March 2005

The Bangkok Chronicles: PayLess on the Streets

Well, waddaya know, a post about books. From Bangkok too. :-)

One thing I REALLY didn't expect to find here was cheap books. Ok, lemme rephrase that - cheap ENGLISH books.

Then while I was walking along Khao San Road (or somewhere near that area, I got lost a bit wandering around the back alleys), I found THIS:

At first I was skeptical. How cheap can it get, and surely there can't be any good books available HERE?

Guess again. While there were a whole lot of Lonely Planet guidebooks to cater for the average traveler, there was also a lot of good fiction and non-fiction available. I say a few good Bill Brysons, a Salman Rushdie, a few Bryce Courtneys and also the pre-requisite Dan Browns and Grishams.

And there were quite a number of stalls scattered around the area too. Cool.

Anyway, at this particular stall, I bought two books - Life of Pi (Yann Martel), and The Da Vinci Code (By you know who).

Yes yes, I bought The Da Vinci Code, the book I despise so much and swore not to read until everyone stopped talking about it (Yes, people are STILL recommending it to me).

But at 200 baht (aprox. RM20) for a fairly new secondhand book, who wouldn't? I bought both books at the same price, and the lady also told me if I wanted to return the books, she will buy it back at 100 baht each.

Something like novel rental shops in KL, I guess, except that these stalls are a lot less picky about what books they buy back. One sign even proudly declares that 'We Buy Everything'.

Wonder if they'll accept my old Turbo Pascal textbooks too...

BTW, this will probably be my last post from Bangkok, because I'm flying back this evening. Damn. Wish I could stay here longer. :(

And so, this marks the end of The Bangkok Chronicles. Regular blog transmission will resume sometime next week, when I recover from the shock of being back in KL. :)

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