Saturday, 26 March 2005

The Bangkok Chronicles: Smog-covered Suns

My impression of capital cities will always be one of smog-covered skyscrapers.

I've been to a number of capital cities, and almost everyone of them have been covered in haze. And I thought Kuala Lumpur was the only one with that problem.

Hong Kong, Beijing, Taipei, and now Bangkok - all these cities were covered in haze when I got there. It's as if the haze in KL follows me everywhere.

Only Singapore is somehow always smog-free, but then again... it's Singapore. Pah.

The most frustrating thing about the haze is you can't get a nice clear view of the city skyline, which is really crappy if you are staying on the 59th floor with a nice balcony that looks west. Can't even get a decent sunset shot. When the sun sets, the haze basically just DROWNS the damn thing.

After waiting two frustrating days for the sun to set and for the smog to clear so I can get a proper sunset shot, I decided to sod it for a lark and go grab a beer instead.

Singha rules, BTW.

Will post about Thai beer later. Hehe.

And nope, still no pix of cute Thai girls.

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