Saturday, 26 March 2005

The Bangkok Chronicles: Uniformed Sexiness

It was only after I came to Thailand almost ten years ago that I realized that Malaysian school uniforms are REALLY ugly.

No, I'm not talking about male uniforms. THOSE are ugly all over the world.

I'm talking about the girls' uniforms. While Malay school uniforms is essentially just a blue and white baju kurung, the non-Malay ones just suck big time. An apron-like blue vest-cum-skirt with a white shirt? Ugh.

Now THAI schoolgirl uniforms are a different creature all together. I mean, just look at them!:

Short, black, mini skirts!

All together now (ok, GUYS, all together now): WHOOOOAAAAA....

Believe it or not, these are Thai school uniforms. And the already generally good-looking Thai girls look real good in them.

Another kind of uniform I saw was a longer skirt, but with slits at the side...

One more time, with FEELING: WHOOOOOAAAA....

I tell you, if Malaysian schools adopt the same kind of uniforms instead of those horrible blue ones, more guys would stay in school and not drop out.

Anyway, tomorrow's my last day here (ok, last day and a half), and I'm gonna take some time to do some sightseeing tomorrow morning, before heading to the venue again for more interviews.

Hopefully, I should have more to update about then, rather than just pictures of girls. :P

Well, wadaya know, I've got some pix of Thai girls after all. What? Not cute enough? Gee whiz, tough crowd...

(UPDATE: According to Dhana those are actually Thai UNIVERSITY uniforms. Damn. I distinctly remember being told they were high-school uniforms when I was here ten years ago. But never mind, who cares anyway? You don't get uniforms like that ANYWHERE in Malaysia!)

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