Saturday, 19 March 2005

The E-zy Book Killer

You’d think that someone who spends as much time in front of a computer monitor as I do would read most of his books on the computer instead.

Well, I don’t.

I don’t like electronic books. Never did, and never will.

Maybe it’s BECAUSE I spend so much time looking at the computer screen that I really don’t want to READ an entire BOOK on the monitor. One gets sick of looking at the screen after too long a time. Unless you’re playing CM, of course.

There is just something a lot more fulfilling about reading a PROPER book with paper and all, than reading a book in electronic format.

I’ve tried reading a book in PDF format once (can’t remember what it was now though, because I gave up after the first ten pages). It just wasn’t the same as reading a proper book.

I missed turning pages. I missed flicking the pages. Clicking the mouse distracted me from my reading, for some reason.

Books are meant to be made out of PAPER, with nicely illustrated covers, with PAGES for people to turn, and can be brought ANYWHERE you want, so you can read them ANYWHERE you want, not just when you are in front of the PC.

Just HOLDING the book makes the experience so much more fulfilling. Plus If you're lucky, your book would have a nicely illustrated cover to stare at when you're tired of reading. If you get bored reading an E-Book? You'd have to stare at bloody Windows again.

Speaking of which, if you don't own a PDA or ultra-small laptop, how are you gonna read the e-books? Lug your desktop in your backpack. RIIIGHT.

And no, printing out the pages of the E-book does nothing for me either. It just feels as though I'm reading lecture notes on A4-sized paper.

Besides, what if while reading an E-book, you accidentally press a button and the book jumps to the END of the book and spoils it for you? I can’t take that risk, being as paranoid about spoilers as I am.

I also don’t hold with people downloading E-books for free and not bothering to buy the book. That’s called PIRACY, people.

I buy pirated DVDs sometimes too, but I always try to watch a movie in the cinema first before buying a pirated DVD. Besides, Hollywood makes too much money anyway.

I download music mp3s too, but I always go out and buy an album if I think it is worth buying, even if I have the entire album in mp3 format already.

But a book… I just can’t bring myself to download it and NOT pay for it. Most authors don’t really earn much in the first place (unless you’re a Dan Brown or John Grisham or Michael Crichton, of course), and I feel bad not paying for something that probably took months and months of slogging, writing, editing, rewriting and RE-editing.

(One exception I'll make is Harry Potter though. Go ahead and download Harry Potter for free. Rowling doesn't deserve more money for the junk she's been churning out in the last two books.)

To me, the E-book is just a lazy substitute for the REAL book. Without the cover, the paper and the page flipping, it is NOT a book. Sure, the story and words are the same, but heck, If I wanted to spend hours reading on my PC, I'd rather read blogs instead.

An E-book is NOT a book. It's just an excuse for people NOT to buy books. And it could eventually kill the demand for REAL books in the future.

PS: This post was inspired by a comment by laydiefa over HERE. No offense meant yar? :-)

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