Thursday, 24 March 2005

Gloat post: Greetings from Bangkok!

Greetings from Bangkok, everyone!

Well, waddaya know, I've got broadband in my room.

Anyway, I arrived here safe and sound, and was in my hotel room, catching up on some sleep. Just woke up and decided if the broadband works. Well, obviously it did. Woohoo.

Just to prove that I REALLY am here, here's the view from my room's balcony (I'm on the 59th floor):

Yes yes, I'm gloating. Gyahaha!

And stop smirking, Visitor. I know you just came back from here. And no, I haven't taken any pictures of cute Thai girls yet, though not for lack of trying. Ok, ok, I was too tired to try.

Anyway, Bangkok is proving to be a rather nice change from KL right now. It's... different.

The first hint I got that I was coming to a totally different country was that golf course in the middle of the airport.

There we were, landing in the Bangkok International Airport, and there was this tiny oasis of a golf course nestled between two runways, with tiny golfers dragging their gold clubs behind them, oblivious to the giant planes landing around them. There were no fences, no gates to keep them or their golf balls out of the runway. I wonder what happens if a golfer accidentally slices his shot too wide and it hits a landing aircraft.

The second hint I got was when I followed my designated driver to the car park, and his car was stuck in a parking bay with two cars parked in front of it.

No problem. A signal to a parking attendant nearby remedied the situation. The parking attendants merely PUSHED the other cars out of the way (I think their handbrakes were not pulled on purpose), making way for our car to go through. Everywhere in the car park, I saw these attendants pushing cars around to make way for other cars, or make space for another car to park somewhere. An efficient, if somewhat primitive way of handling the parking woes at the Bangkok International Airport.

The trip from the airport to the hotel took around thirty minutes on this HUGE elevated expressway snaking its way Bangkok, high above the normal roads. Large road signs surrounded us, advertising everything from slimming centers, cars, and printers. Once, a Petronas sign flashed by, kindling a small hint of national pride in me.

See the BIG highway?

I'm looking forward to seeing more of the city later on. I've already put aside my last day here for sight-seeing, and am gonna do the usual Eyeris-traveling-routine of 'jumping on random buses and trains and getting lost'.

Until later then. :-)


Update (9:48pm):

Took another picture of the river (the same angle as the first pix), but at night instead. Yes, I'm bored.

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