Thursday, 17 March 2005

Lesson from Cartman

I am supposed to be on leave today, but I ended up spending the entire day working from home anyway. Deadlines are such dreadful things.

Ah well. After I finished my third story of the day, I decided to watch a single episode of the fourth season of South Park on DVD. And ended up watching the entire season instead.

In case you haven't heard of South Park (Gasp!) it's this crappily animated cartoon show that is completely crass, unpolitically correct, insulting, and downright brilliant. It stars four kids - Stan (The typical All-American kid), Kyle (The Jewish kid), Cartman (The fat kid) and Kenny (The always-dead kid) in a Colorado town of South Park, which keeps getting destroyed by aliens, mutant turkeys, and Barbara Streisand (Bar-boora!!! Barboora!!!)

IMHO, the makers of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are demented genius, and they furthered that genius by making the funniest and most unpolitically correct movie last year - Team America: World Police (Go get it! It's brilliant!)

I used to be crazy over South Park. I watched the first season a few hundred times. I could memorize the songs, recite the lyrics of every song, and even sing Kyle's Mom is a Bitch in one breath (and in D Minor, of course).

Wait a minute, I can still do that.

Then, the movie South Park the Movie: Bigger, Longer & Uncut came out. And I went South Park nuts. I must have watched that movie a million times, and it had weird effects on me. I imitated dead giraffes everytime someone tried to talk to me, I sang duets of La Resistance with my brother, and I irritated the hell out of my girlfriend by impersonating Cartman all the time.

Anyway, I also learned a lot from South Park. And here's what I learned:
  • Jewish kids don't celebrate Christmas
  • Fat people are never fat. They are big-boned
  • Barbara Streisand is evil
  • AIE!!!!
  • Dead giraffe sounds
  • Chef balls are salty
  • Robert Smith rules!
  • Fart jokes
  • Satan is 'feminine'
  • Cows are the most intelligent beings on Earth
  • It's coming right for us!
  • No, kitty this is MY pot pie!
  • Hoooooowdy Ho!
  • Screw you guys, I'm going home
  • Poo is cool
  • What's a buttfor
  • If you are ugly, cover your head with a paper bag

Will add more later. Now I need to get back to work... Sigh...

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