Monday, 7 March 2005

The Name of the Blade

One of my favorite aspects of fantasy is the way many of the stories put a lot of stock into inanimate objects like swords, stones, jewels and so on.

I've always been obsessed with swords with names, ever since my early Lone-Wolf-reading days when I would make weapons out of Lacy and Lego blocks and pretend I was wielding the Sommerswerd.

One of the earliest weapon's I'd read of has got to be Excalibur, of course. Sword of King Arthur, which he either drew from a stone, or got it from some lady in a lake who lobbed it at him, whichever version of the tale you've heard.

Then, when I was in my Storm Riders comic craze, it was weapon-heaven. In those comics, each character had his or her own special weapon, and each weapon it's own name and special power.

And Chinese weapons were not confined to just swords, but also included sabers, spears, nunchucks, bows and arrows and even darts. The swords were also damn pretty... Just check out this sword called 'Xue Ying' (Snow Drinking) which belonged to one of the lead characters:

Cool eh? Wish I had that replica. Too bad it's sold out already.

Later on, I remember playing Diablo and Baldur's Gate, where picking up the different magical weapons during the game was one of my greatest pleasures.

Of course, some of the most famous-est of weapons have got to be those in the Lord of the Rings. There are so many of them - Sting, Andúril, Narsil, Herugrim (Theoden's sword), Glamdring (Gandalf's sword), Orcrist (Thorin Oakenshield's sword) and so on.

While the swords in the movie may not exactly be exactly as I imagined them to be when I read the books, they were still pretty cool. Cool enough for me to buy mini replicas of them. :)

Ever since I first read LOTR, I'd always wanted a replica of Andúril, Flame of the West. I mean, look at it!

And here's Sting:

Pretty pretty swords.

Me want. :-)


Update (6:54pm)

Before I forget again, here is a list of the weapons I think are REALLY REALLY cool, and which I'd LOVE to have a replica of. I can't help it, I'm really big on lists. :-)
  1. The Sommerswerd (From the Lone Wolf Gamebooks. Draws power from the sun, and gives you +10 on your hits. If I remember correctly, that is.)
  2. Anduril (From LOTR. Makes you King of Gondor. Oh wait, I already have this. All bow down before the King!)
  3. Xue Ying (Snow Drinker) (From the Storm Rider comics. A sabre, and has the power of cold. Brrrr...)
  4. Icingdeath (From the Forgotten Realms. One half of Drizzt Do'Urden's twin scimitars. The other one is called Twinkle, which is a crappy name, but Icingdeath is cool. :) )
  5. A Hattori Hanzo katana (From Kill Bill. HH is the name of the sword-maker in Kill Bill, and he made one for The Bride so she can kill Bill with it. Looks very cool, especially that lion emblem on the blade near the hilt)
  6. Glamdring (From LOTR. Come one, it's Gandalf's sword! Who wouldn't want it?)
  7. A Dragonlance (From Dragonlance. Would be damn long, but it's silver, shiny and kills dragons. :) )
  8. Green Destiny (From Crouching Tiger Hidden Tiger. Thanks to The Visitor for reminding me of this one.)
  9. One of the flying daggers from House of Flying Daggers

Will add more as I think of more. :-)

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