Thursday, 31 March 2005

Neighborly Visits from the North to the South

After just coming back from our friendly neighbor in the North, I shall be heading South tomorrow to our kiasu neighbors next, this time for a nice little holiday with my larling. :-)

This time, I doubt there'll be any free broadband services waiting for me, so regular blog transmission shall resume only next week! :-)

I've never really liked Singapore personally. Nothing against the country though. I just feel very out of place there. It's in Asia, but somehow detached from the REAL Asia.

An 'ang mo' friend of mine once said that Singaproe is actually a very sanitized version of the REAL Asia. It's a place you go to when you want clean restaurants, easy life, spanking clean tourists attractions, and still be able to tell your friends back in Europe that you've been to Asia.

Come out of Singapore to Malaysia, and things can be SOOO different.

Will add more into this post later, right now, I'm off to catch the two hour special of The Amazing Race 7. :)


Updated: 1:54am

Ok, just finished the Amazing Race. Very exciting two episodes. That's all you're getting out of me. :-)

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Singapore.

After crossing the Causeway, one can see jsut how different Johor Baru and Singapore is. Where Singaproe was squeaky clean and neat, JB is just a mess, especially the part near the Causeway.

Now, THAT, my friends is the REAL South East Asia.

Not air-conditioned walkways, big posh shopping complexes, or Penang Laksa that only resembles the actual laksa by name alone.

The REAL Asia is may be dirty and unhygenic, but a tiny Asam Laksa stall next to a marketplace drain in Penang, or a coconut pudding stall by the road sides in Bangkok has a whole lot more character than a hundred Orchard Roads and Sentosa Islands.

BTW, no offence meant to Singaporeans who read this blog. I mean, I like some parts of Singapore too, and I go there quite often as well. But I still prefer Malaysia. :-)

PS: Another thing that will probably get me in trouble, but I just had to say something. It's just a small note about the flood of blogs rushing to post about the quake.

While it's fine to report it and give your own experiences on feeling the tremors, it's quite another thing to be advicing people to hide under tables, not go to work (just in case), cancel their vacations to Langkawi and so forth.

It's called spreading PARANOIA, folks, and that is hardly credible journalism.

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