Monday, 14 March 2005

The Only Brightside of Hot Fuss

Ever heard a song and wanted to learn it so you can sing it over and over again, and repeating it on your CD player a few million times just to memorize the lyrics?

No? Oh.

Anyway, am currently going nuts over The Killers' Mr. Brightside. When I first heard the song, there was just something that caught my attention and made me wanna learn the lyrics and scream it in the car.

Maybe it was the opening intro that was reminiscent of some of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs. Maybe it was the catchy lyrics and infectious beat. Maybe it's because the song is just so darn catchy.

Or maybe it's just that line "He takes off her dress now" that attracted me.

*Smacks head to get rid of perverted thoughts*

Funnily enough, that's the only song in the entire album Hot Fuss that caught my attention this way. After listening to the whole album, only Mr. Brightside stood out enough to make me play it over and over again.

Sure, Somebody Told Me is unbelievably catchy too, and Jenny Was a Friend of Mine is pretty nice too, but the rest just kinda BLENDED together into one horridly synthetic Duran Duran song.

That's what the album (and The Killers' style) reminded me off - Duran Duran and the 80's electronic synthesizer age.

On one song, the opening intro reminded me so much of Duran Duran that I had to check whether I was playing the right album. Sure, the songs are passably listenable, but the synthesizers just irritates the hell out of me.

Maybe that's why I like Mr. Brightside so much more than the rest of the songs in Hot Fuss. There's a lot more guitar and less synthesizing.

Yup, that's the way I like my music. More rock, less 80's. Ah well, I guess it's back to listening to Green Day and Jimmy Eat World again.

Or maybe I'll just burn a CD with ONLY Mr. Brightside on it, so I don't have to keep pressing the 'Repeat' button'.... And all I wanted was something different...

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