Wednesday, 2 March 2005

The Random Thoughts of a Feverish Blogger

Some random thoughts while I was lying pathetically in my bed, staring around my room:
  • Why does time always seem to go by so much slower when one is sick? I've been lying on my bed for god knows how long, and it's only 5pm.
  • Why are my flu pills square?
  • Why won't my Nightmare Before Christmas action figures stay on their shelf?
  • Why is my room so messy again? I just cleaned it up last week!
  • Oooooo... FHM. Beyonce on the cover. Niiiice.
  • Should I get up and watch TV?
  • Where's my barley water?
  • Maybe I'll go blog.

Sheesh. I need to get out of the house. This high fever is killing me (not literally, of course.)

BTW, who says what you blog about can't be published anywhere else? I just got THIS published in The Star today, and you read it HERE first! :)

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