Friday, 18 March 2005

A Tribute to First Loves

First love.
So many things to remember.
Some sweet, some bitter.
Mostly memorable.
That first feeling of being in love
That silent warmth you feel when you say her name over and over again.
All those hours wondering why you felt like punching any guy who got too close to her.
The first time you realize you loved her.
Getting together.
That first kiss.
That first 'I love you'
Walks in the park.
Sneaking out at night to the public phone
Making up
Breaking up.
Pining for years thinking you'd never love again.
If you're lucky, you'd stay with your first love till the end.
Good for you then.
If not, cherish your current love
And remember not to make the same mistakes you did with your first love.


Sorry for the sentimentality. Just found out that MY first love just got married. Heh.

Ok, back to work again. Will post again later tonight. Probably. :)

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