Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Trying to read when you can't read

I'm freaking sick again today. I knew I shouldn't have run around in the rain on Sunday while on assignment. Or maybe it was because I've been sleeping really late these past few days? Anyhow, I've got a bad cough and a fever, and I wanna go home. BUAAAA!

Somehow, I've never been able to read when I'm sick. My vision goes hazy, I can't concentrate on the words, and I get a headache after the first few paragraphs. I don't understand how some people can read when they have headaches or fever. I can't. Makes me wanna throw up.

Another condition in which I can't get any reading done is when I'm in a moving car or bus. I get nauseous, and again, feel like throwing up. I can't even read a newspaper in a car, let a lone a book. All the shaking and scenery whizzing past is too distracting, not to mention a little to nauseating for my senses.

But funnily enough, it doesn't apply when I'M the one driving (of course, that’s because I only read when I’m driving when I’m at a traffic light that I KNOW is gonna take a damn long time to turn green). And I can read in LRTs or trains without problems. Hmmmm. Could it be some kind of minor claustrophobia? Then again, maybe I'm just weird.

Whether or not I can read during a particular situation or place also depends on what kind of book I'm reading. If I’m reading something heavy or ‘deep’ that requires a lot of concentration (The Name of the Rose comes to mind), then I absolutely NEED to read in a place where there is not too noisy, or else it’ll be too hard to keep track of what I’m reading and I’ll skip parts. But fantasy and pulp fiction, I can read anywhere - in the toilet, in noisy cafes, at the mamak stall, in the LRT, even during a concert.

However, there is one situation where I absolutely CANNOT read, work, type, blog or do anything - when someone is looking over my shoulder. I can’t read when someone is looking over my shoulder because it feels very... intrusive. It’s as if that someone is scrutinizing me, and silently criticising what I’m writing or reading. The mere presence of someone behind me while I’m reading or working is enough to make me stop what I’m doing and do something else less subjective to criticism.

I just HATE it, and anyone who tries that will get a very violent glare that says, “Stop reading over my shoulder our I’ll break yours.”

Ok, so I’m cranky today. I’m entitled what, I AM sick after all, and the Panadol is making me sleepy. Time to sign off then before I break another shoulder...

Anyone else have situations where they absolutely CAN'T READ no matter how hard they try?

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