Friday, 1 April 2005

Attack of the Mini Plastic Dragons

I've posted about dragons HERE before, so I'm not gonna go through the entire thing again. But anyway, like Erna, I also bought myself a bunch of dragons last night, plastic 6" ones, that is.

I'm a real sucker for cool action figures, and these dragons are some of the coolest I've seen in ages. Check out this pix of two of the five I bought:

These two are my favorites by far, because they are everything I think a dragon should be - majestic, fearsome, and er... scaly.

The white one is supposed to be a Fire Clan Dragon, while the red one is a Sorceror's Clan Dragon. I especially like the latter because he reminds me of Smaug from The Hobbit.

Erna likes the Water Clan Dragon, but I'm not as impressed with it as these two, mostly because it looks like a tadpole more than a dragon. There IS another dragon in the series, the Eternal Clan Dragon, but THAT one looks like a chicken, so I'm leaving it in the box.

Another favorite of mine is the Komodo Clan Dragon whom Aragorn is fighting here: :-)

If anything, I always wished that Middle-Earth had more dragons, rather than just Smaug, and a couple of ugly Fell-Beasts. But now that I have THESE babies, I can pose them next to my action figures and recreate Middle-Earth with DRAGONS!

Now all I gotta do is figure out where to KEEP the damn things...

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