Wednesday, 13 April 2005

A Diary of Adolescent Silliness

I used to keep a diary when I was in school. Not the online type, but the ones you actually WRITE (not type) into a nice little book that no one is supposed to read (but will inadvertently be read by SOMEONE at some point anyway).

I used a hardcover exercise book, and in it, I wrote silly stuff about which girl looked at me, and which girl I thought might like me. I wrote lots of mushy stuff about my first love, and my crushes and how my heart would beat slightly faster when I saw them or I got a letter in the postbox from her.

The diary lasted all of two YEARs, went through THREE of those thick exercise books, and the funny thing was, I wrote all that in Chinese, a language that I've never been able to write well with, despite being in a Chinese primary school, and actually taking passing the subject (barely) in my SPM (the result of a life-or-death choice between taking Chinese or Economics. I chose Chinese because the teacher was cute.).

I 'honed' my Chinese writing skills with that diary (besides reading Hong Kong comics, and memorizing Jacky Cheung lyrics). Didn't make the entries less adolescent though.

I'd write long-winded entries about her new haircut (did she get it done because she heard me say I liked short haired girls?), about how her letter came one week late, and some frankly embarrassing ones that consisted of nothing but her name written over and over again.

I don't know when I stopped, but I think I discovered Championship Manager at the same time. :-)

Anyway, I found my old diary recently, after years of being buried under some rubble (otherwise known as old secondary textbooks), and while looking through it, I kept muttering to myself, "WHAT WAS I THINKING!?!?!"

Anyway, those days are gone now. I'm smarter now (RIGHT), not so mushy (much), I can express myself better (most of the time anyway), and I definitely know better than to write down all my personal thoughts (in Chinese) in an exercise book that can't be read by anyone.

I mean, why keep it to yourself? Blog it lar!! Hehe.


This post was inspired by this here blog: That Diary Girl, because the entries there made me think of my childhood days, my incredibly moronic diary, and all the stupid, stupid things I did then. :-)

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