Thursday, 14 April 2005

Gratitude of a Read Blogger

When I finally started a blog in June last year, I didn't really expect anyone to read it. I just thought it was a good way to write stuff that I couldn't or just don't feel like writing about in the course of my work.

The problem with writing for a living, and blogging at the same time is what to write so that the two don't clash. I decided to make this a book blog initially, because I was inspired by Daphne and Liz Tai's book blogs, and since I don't usually write about books or movies at work, there was less chance of the blog clashing with my work.

I chose the name 'Eye on Everything' for want of a catchier name, and because I wanted something with my nick 'Eyeris' in it. (As for the reason behind the nick, it's because I like the song Iris, and I changed the 'I' to 'Eye' to add a 'cool factor', and so people don't mistake me for a girl. Didn't work too well though.)

Well, EoE sure ain't a book blog now. Wait, it still is actually, but I just tend to branch out to other things now. Including a lot of nonsense too.

I usually take about 20-30 minutes on average to come up with a post, and most of them are conceived when I'm too tired of writing about saving trees or another Taiwanese singer, and just want to write aimlessly for a while. Which explains why there tends to be a lot of spelling errors in my posts.

How I come up with topics is easy. I just write whatever I am thinking of at the time. No editing (besides some sentence structuring and rearranging of paragraphs), no cracking my brain to come up with a post idea, and definitely no wondering whether people will like what I'm posting. (Ok, maybe I DO care sometimes. :P )

After all, anyway, like I said, I didn't really expect anyone to read the blog anyway, and so I just happily blogged away without a care in the world.

Fast forward to now, and when I checked my SiteMeter stats today , I saw 6100 Visits in total, and 9292 Page Views in total. Checking my IpStats link, I found 5600 total unique views.

I caught myself wondering, " Wow, people actually reading the blog! I wonder why..."

Well, there's two more months to the first anniversary of this blog, and I must say, I'm surprised I got this far in the first place.

Thanks especially to some of you guys who have been reading the blog since the beginning, when I was just a rambling idiot talking about how much I hate Robert Jordan for milking the Wheel of Time.

Thanks to the regulars who have been dropping by, and making me feel like being part of a little family. :-)

I've actually played around with the idea of having a little gathering somewhere in KL with you guys (the regulars), just to be able to place a name to the nick. Wonder whether anyone would turn up, besides Erna, of course. The Visitor is probably too proud of his secret identity to show up. Plus he doesn't want to ruin his Afro.

Thanks for all the comments, which are my favorite part of checking the blog every morning.

To everyone who has been reading EoE, thanks for dropping by. :-)


PS: In case this sends out the wrong message, no, nothing is happening to Eye on Everything. :-) Just writing what popped into my mind at this time, as usual, and been wanting to write about the blog for a long time now, and to thank you guys for actually putting up with my spelling mistakes and inane How-To guides. :-)

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